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This website is a product of my interest and a resource for my work. The materials that are available in this site has been generated over a long period of time. It mainly is intended for for anyone who is interested in learning the subject by themselves. This site is still a work in progress, not sure when the work will be completed, but I hope is of some use to you.
The target audience is both students and teachers of the subject. It also highlights some of my other interest, mostly in technology and its use in education. And a few galleries of my travels.
My interest in Linux, iOS, Mac and Windows can be seen in some of my posts and videos that you see on this page.

Select the topics from the drop down menu on the top of the page to go to the relevant pages. The topics you will find are.
Thermodynamics - 1, Rates of Reaction, Acid Base Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, Chemical Equilibrium Organic Chemistry, Atomic Theories, Solubility Product, Gas Laws, Stoichiometry, Preparation of Reagents.

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Paris in Summer

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Course Description

SCH4U It the Ontario grade 12 University level chemistry program for high school students, this course is comparable to most international grade 12's. This 1 credit course is completed in one semester, or about 100 hours.
SCH3UThis is the grade 11 University level chemistry program which is the prerequisite for the grade 12 SCH4U course.
SNC2D1 This is a grade 10 Academic level program which is a prerequisite for the SCH3U course. This course is a compulsory course for all Ontario graduates.

Stan's Academy of Chemistry

Visit my youtube channel for lessons on the different topics on chemistry. There are number of playlist organized based on topics.
Stan's Academy of Chemistry
Here is a sample playlist. The playlist has 7 videos in it, and it covers the thermodynamics topics completely for high school and college students. Thermodynamics Playlist - Sample Playlist

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