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This web site caters to high school chemistry at all levels, You will also find this page useful for AP, IB, CBSE or SAT Preparation. Links are organized based on grade level and topic level. Scroll through the links on the pages placed on the side bars. A number of videos on the different topics explaining the critical problems in the different topics can be found on this page. Links to my You Tube channel on chemistry can be found on the different pages.

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Students starting SCH4U Chemistry this semester please review the following videos on basics of your chemistry

Basics of Chemistry

Check out my Chemistry YouTube Channel

This page is a reflection of some of the work that I do, materials are available for download and personal use by students and teachers. The content is organized based on topics with reference to the different grade levels.

Check out these Quizzes “New” – Work in progress Some of the quizzes have been deleted some are still working 🙂 When time permits may be more will come.



Transportation of the future:


This is evolution, the drop in oil prices would have a boost in development of these technologies


Keynote for Animation in iMovies

For a period there has been quite a number of videos made using white-boarding techniques. The are pretty attractive and attention grabbing. Most of the time if you need to create a video you end up paying quite a bit for the website that provides the services needed for creating those videos, however I should say, that if you are not a techie they are quite helpful.
But if you already use Keynote or even Power Point I am sure that you can create white board style animation in a pretty slick way. The animation that Keynote provides is quite good for the purpose.

By a combination of build in, action and build out you will be able to achieve this feat with zero investment. However a little bit of investment in time is required. If you have some skills in creating png images it would make the process a lot easier.

Here is a video I created in generating a whiteboard type animation, if you need to use it for some of your Keynote presentations or make a movie out of it



Paris In Summer

Paris in Summer

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Summer in Paris:

Photographs of my visit to Paris last summer.


Give Windows 8 a good home | Buy a Mac

Give Windows 8 a good home buy a Mac

Been using computers since 1990, started with DOS changed to windows. Windows 3.1 was an upgrade at that time, then came windows 95 the next big thing, dramatic changes in the way windows looked, changed to windows XP, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 and of course now we are moving towards Windows Blue 8.1. All this time was loyal to Windows and could get most of my stuff done. As an enthusiast I started using Ubuntu, Linux in 2006 and has since then used Ubuntu for all my web needs. The journey with Ubuntu, Linux started with Ubuntu 6.04. Ubuntu was a nice experience and wasted a number of my hours learning to dual boot it with windows, intention was to beat the virus menace present in windows. This helped keeping my Windows machines safe as most of my web activities were done in Ubuntu Linux. This also made me more savvy with different OS’s.

Boot Camp 5.0.5033 Latest Version Download


In 2007 the iPhone came, it revolutionized the way we use a phone, for me personally it was everything I wanted my Tungsten E to do at that time. This was followed by the iPad. The iOS devices gave me some insights into the way the Apple ecosystem was integrated, and how easily a non-geek could use technology like a professional. I believe that was Steve Job’s motto too. Being intuitive.


Now with my new interest or hobby if you want to call it so, which was making videos, I brought an  i7 windows Desktop, loved the machine for its processing power and I was able to make good videos, much better than the ones I used to make with movie maker on an older beaten up machine.

Reading all the reviews and enjoying the ease of use of iMovie on my iPad, and seeing how the movies made on the iPad looked; I had to explore the Mac line of computers. In spite of being a hard core Windows user, and having learned everything about using computers from the Windows environment decided to buy a Macbook Pro, only because my research told me I could dual boot my Mac with Windows using Bootcamp.


The process of installing took some reading and then decided to go ahead with the dual boot, I wanted to test the computer before the 14 day return period was over, if things did not look good wanted to be on the safe side.

The installation went smoothly, initially trying to get things going was not very comfortable, the machine appeared sluggish, it was the time of getting used to. I had most of the windows functionality, the magic mouse was working, it was a little slow to start with. Did the updates, activated the products installed the software’s needed like Microsoft office, Markbook etc. Installed utilities like printers etc. and configured my desktop.


What I find amazing is that now  my Windows 8 is now working and looking much better than on my windows desktop. The programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint start up in a breeze. The start page looks amazing. There is excellent fluidity when using the start menu functions. That’s when I realized Windows has a great home in a Macbook Pro. You will never regret if you make this change.

Macbook Pro Specs:

  • 2.9 GHz i7, 8 GB Ram, 750 GB Hard Drive.
  • 225 GB for Boot Camp and the rest for Mountain Lion

Welcome to the world of “Wintosh” Windows + MacIntosh

Here goes the Wintosh launch.

PS. Should warn you there are a lot of little things to be individually configured, probably will write about it some other time.

Boot Camp 5.0.5033 Latest Version Download

How to install windows on a Mac Youtube Video

Give Windows 8 a good home buy a mac

Install Gnome in Ubuntu 13.04

I used to love the gnome desktop environment in Ubuntu for its simplicity and ease of use. Then came the upgrades for Ubuntu with the unity desktop environment, which made things so difficult, even to perform simple tasks. This even made installing the OS in base machines difficult. Right now Gnome has been revamped and you can actually install the desktop environment, using command prompt in 13.04. Here is a video on how it is done.

Alternatively you can install the “Full Gnome Desktop” environment by going to the Ubuntu software center. Search for “full gnome desktop” usually the first item is this package, select it and install it, the package is about 290 MB so it will take some time.

Once you restart your computer, when you look at the login screen you will see the Ubuntu icon, click on it, it will give you a number of options, select gnome fall back (no effects) and you will be logged into the gnome desktop environment.

I like the simple clean desktop of Gnome.

Command used is

“sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback”


Air Play for Presentation | iPad integration in Education |Apple TV

Mirror your iPad using Apple TV
Often when you are making a presentation or conducting a PD or even teaching you would require technologies that augment your presentations. Sometimes technologies get too complex and many a time does not integrate very well with the process. Quite a bit of time usually gets used up for setting up of these gadgets.

Newer technologies are emerging now, which can be used seamlessly for your day to day presentations. One of the most attractive and practical device I like is the iPad. The iPad in itself is an amazing piece of hardware which seamlessly integrates into your daily life. Now combine it with an Apple TV, it becomes a powerful device for presentations. The device can turn into either a white-board or a simple Power Point or Keynote Presenter.

When you wirelessly integrate this device by using the Air Play this is one of the most amazing tools any speaker, presenter or teacher can have in making their presentations more effective and even collaborative.

The playlist of videos below show how you can achieve this in a real environment and much more.

Thermodynamics Quiz 1

An introductory quiz on Thermodynamics

1. The internal energy (ΔE) can be equal to the enthalpy (ΔH) of a system when

This is a multiple response question


2. The fish tank is an


3. Internal energy ΔE can be considered as


4. Predict the change in entropy as positive or negative for the different scenarios

  1. Dissolving NH4Cl in water
  2. Sublimation of CO3(solid)
  3. Dissociation of Ammonia into nitrogen and hydrogen
  4. Condensation of water

Question 1 of 4

Preparation of Tribromoaniline

Tribromo aniline can be prepared by dissolving aniline  in glacial acetic acid and then treating it with bromine dissolved in glacial acetic acid in the cold.

C6H5NH2 + 3Br2 => C6H2(Br)3NH2 (2,4,6-tribromoaniline)+ 3HBr

About 2 ml of aniline is dissolved in 5 mL of glacial acetic acid taken in an Erlenmeyer flask. The solution of bromine in glacial acetic acid is added in drops from a burette with constant stirring. Use a teflon coated magnetic stirrer for the purpose. The stirring should be continued until you get a pale yellow liquid.The mixture is then added to 75 mL of water. The crystallized 2,4,6-tribromoaniline is washed with cold water, dried and yield noted.About 1 gram of the sample can be recrystallized from dilute ethanol and melting point can be determined.

The approximate yield expected in this experiment is 3.0 grams and the melting point of the compound is 119oC.

Preparation of Benzoic acid from Benzamide

Benzamide is hydrolyzed to sodium benzoate by boiling with a sodium hydroxide solution. Sodium benzoate on acidification gives benzoic acid.
C6H5CONH2 + NaOH → C6H5COONa + HCl → C6H5COOH + NaCl
To prepare benzoic acid start with 3 grams of benzamide and mix it with 2 grams of sodium hydroxide dissolved in about 18 mL of water in a round bottom flask.. The flask is fitted with a Liebig’s condenser. The flask is heated on a wire gauze and the contents gently refluxed for about 50 minutes. Ammonia is evolved and the sodium salt of benzoic acid is formed in the solution. The flask is then cooled and the contents acidified with concentrated hydrochloric acid after transferring to a beaker. The precipitated benzoic acid is filtered using a Buschner funnel and the yield noted. About 1 gram can be recrystallized from hot water and the melting point can be determined to confirm the prepared compound.

Redox Titration

Potassium permanganate is a secondary standard and to standardize it, you can use ferrous ammonium sulfate ir Mohrs salt. Prepare a 0.1M Fe2+ solution pipette 10 ml into an erlenmeyer flask add 10 ML of 1M sulfuric acid and titration it against KMnO4 solution approximate concentration should be 0.02M. The end point is the Color change from clear to pale pink.

Titration Video