Affordable Smart Board

What does a white board smart board cost today?

Approximately around C$3000 as opposed to the C$ 10000 paid for the first smart board our school acquired about 3 years ago. But now you can build one for just < C$100 if you already have a overhead white board projector.

Innovation and ingenuity takes the edge off such production costs and makes technology accessible to the common man, this has revolutionized education in the past, it is continuing even today. Hats off the Johny Cheung Lee for hacking the wiimote and bringing out the amazing software to convert your over head white board LCD projector into a white board smart board with just around C$100 and a couple of minutes to install your software. All you need is a wii remote (infrared camera) around C$ 44 + tax, a blue tooth enabled computer, an infrared pen, price ranging from C$ 9 to 29 depending on how much you want to spend, or you can even make your own infrared sensor if you have an infrared source, a soldering rod, 2 AA batteries and a switch. There are many you tube videos to help you assemble one. This is an easy hack once you have the software installed, and the beauty is it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. However there are some limitations when compared to the legacy products.

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