Air Print

One of the most important functionality of the iPad is its ability to print documents directly to printers. This function changes the productivity of the device 100% to an educator, or anyone for the matter. The question is what do you need for the air print functionality to work properly.

  • First of all you need an airprint compatible printer; there are a number of printers that are compatible with air print, do your research before you buy a printer. If you already have a printer check with the manufacturers website to see if air print functionality has been added, for some printers a firmware upgrade would enhance this functionality.
  • You need to have a home wireless network infra structure. The printer and the iPad or iPhone should be connected to the same network; this is important.
  • Some wireless routers do not allow air printing functionality, this is because it does not allow “bonjour” functionality. Apple devices use the bonjour functionality for communicating. So if you can change your security settings on your router to allow this functionality your air print enabled printer would be visible on your iPad or iPhone. The security settings of your router does determine this functionality.
  • Once all the above factors are met you should be able to print most documents on to your printer wirelessly.
  • What I have noticed is, if you need your document not to loose its formatting it is a great idea to export your document as a pdf file and send it to your iPad or iPhone first either as an email attachment or sync it using itunes; then open the document in iBooks ¬†and select share-print, select the printer which should be visible in your device, determine the number of copies needed then send the document for printing.
  • List of Airprint enabled printers from apple website
  • Note: If you are unable to see any Air Print enabled printers on your device – buying apps for printing from the appstore is not going to help you – so do not waste your money
  • Router Settings: Make sure the WMM function is enabled, for iphones and ipads to communicate with your router this appears to be necessary. – For dlink this has to be enabled, but air print works very well with the default settings. Linksys has issues when working with Air print. Turning off multicast filtering may help.
  • Link to Youtube video on how to set up your HP LaserJet Professional Printer to Wirelessly print from an iPad or iPhone