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Traveling through Portugal what you need to know

Traveling through Portugal what you need to know

Trams in Lisbon

Arriving in Portugal and getting to down town or city centre.

The information posted here is based on my personal travel experience. Some of the information collected before traveling were reasonably accurate, however this is my perspective. I am sure you would have a different experience.

Lisbon Portela Airport: That is the name of the Portuguese International airport.

The air port has two runways and is situated at an elevation of 114 Meters. The sequence of information is based on what I think is most useful to me the traveller.

  • Left luggage: It is called baggage storage on their  website.  If you need to travel light, it would be a good idea to store your luggage at the left luggage center.  It is located next to parking 2. Signs are placed strategically, or ask at the information centre, it is easy to locate. The rates for storing the luggage are as follows
    • Fees (per piece and per day)
      – up tp 10 Kg 2,90€
      – from 10 to 30 kg 4,30€
      – more than 30 Kg 8,60€
      – there is a baggage trolley renting service if you have a group of 5 or more  – Baggage Claim (lost and found) English
      – Tap Air Portugal TEL 00351 21 841 50 00
    • * The left luggage collects a day’s fee, the rest of the amount you pay when you pick up your luggage, how many ever day’s stay in Portugal. Don’t loose the receipt they provide you will need them to pick up your luggage, make sure to take a picture of the receipt. (* Updated after travel)

Getting to City Centre or Downtown Portugal

The city center is about 9 kms away from the airport or about 6 miles. You can get to the city center by using one of the following modes of transportation.

  • Metro –  This is the cheapest 1.45 € one way. You can buy the tickets at the vending machines placed in most metro stations, both coins and paper currency is accepted apart from credit cards.
  • Aerobus – There are two buses from the airport Aerobus 1 and Aerobus 2 they take circular routes, the ticked costs 4.00 € , this ticket is valid for 24 hours. This can be used like a hop on hop off and travel to a lot of common destinations.
  • Taxi – Make sure you agree upon a rate to your destination, even though they have a metering system, they can charge you over and above, visitors should confirm rates before you start your journey.
  • Buses – Buses are also available and you can travel with a metro pass. You may buy a day or weekly pass, this is the best way to get around.
  • I have only taken the metro, aerobus, tram and taxi for my local transportation.
Metro Map Lisbon
  • Metro Information
  • * Information added after traveling.
  • Traveling to Fatima from Lisbon- Continue Reading this blog on the next post

Thermodynamics Quiz 1

An introductory quiz on Thermodynamics

1. Internal energy ΔE can be considered as


2. Predict the change in entropy as positive or negative for the different scenarios

  1. Dissolving NH4Cl in water
  2. Sublimation of CO3(solid)
  3. Dissociation of Ammonia into nitrogen and hydrogen
  4. Condensation of water

3. The fish tank is an


4. The internal energy (ΔE) can be equal to the enthalpy (ΔH) of a system when

This is a multiple response question


Question 1 of 4

Preparation of Tribromoaniline

Tribromo aniline can be prepared by dissolving aniline  in glacial acetic acid and then treating it with bromine dissolved in glacial acetic acid in the cold.

C6H5NH2 + 3Br2 => C6H2(Br)3NH2 (2,4,6-tribromoaniline)+ 3HBr

About 2 ml of aniline is dissolved in 5 mL of glacial acetic acid taken in an Erlenmeyer flask. The solution of bromine in glacial acetic acid is added in drops from a burette with constant stirring. Use a teflon coated magnetic stirrer for the purpose. The stirring should be continued until you get a pale yellow liquid.The mixture is then added to 75 mL of water. The crystallized 2,4,6-tribromoaniline is washed with cold water, dried and yield noted.About 1 gram of the sample can be recrystallized from dilute ethanol and melting point can be determined.

The approximate yield expected in this experiment is 3.0 grams and the melting point of the compound is 119oC.