API key for hosted wordpress

This is a post on how to add your api key to wordpress hosted on your own web server.
Once you have hosted your wordpress blog, if you need to activate Akismet or your Stats counter you will be asked to enter your api key.

This is what you do.

  • Go to wordpress.com and create a free wordpress blog there.
  • For this you will need a user name and password and a valid email address .
  • Once you have set up the wordpress blog you will have to activate it using your email account.
  • Now to get your api key (You have it in your first intro email from free wordpress) if you dont have it follow the instructions.
  • You should be logged into you your newly created free wordpress blog on wordpress.com (free blog)
  • Install the plugin wordpress stats in your hosted wordpress blog
  • Enable Akismet
  • It will ask you for your api key
  • If you are logged into your free wordpress blog that you just created it will give you an option click on it it will take you to the free wordpress blog where the api key will be displayed.
  • Copy and paste it
  • Now you are all set to use the wordpress stats
  • The same api key can be used to set up the akismet filter to control spam on your comments.
  • Now both your stats counter and akismet filter should work fine.

For you stats to be activated properly give some time as your stats counter does not have any information at this time.
Have fun with wordpress.

This post has been updated on 16th Oct 2011