Summer School

It is that time of the year again. Well if you did goof off during the year and lost a credit then I’m sure your reading this blog. I typically don’t think summer school is the right place to earn a credit, if you plan on pursuing your education in the field that you did goof off, then it is a big mistake. The program is so compressed and if you are not one of the smart Alec’s then you are in for a surprise. You may earn a credit but it may not really help you in your university. You will end up learning it anyway. So this would be a more practical approach to earn the credit in a regular school year.
However if you still need the credit to graduate there are a number of links on this site if you are pursuing chemistry this summer. The course codes should help go the the right page.
SCH3U = Grade 11 Chemistry
SCH4U = Grade 12 Chemistry


Topics for CBSE are available from the following pages. Some of the downloadable links are for topics like solid state, atomic structure, colligative properties, transition metals etc. Most of the other areas are common to most of the grade 11 and 12 students.

Affordable Smart Board

What does a white board smart board cost today?

Approximately around C$3000 as opposed to the C$ 10000 paid for the first smart board our school acquired about 3 years ago. But now you can build one for just < C$100 if you already have a overhead white board projector.

Innovation and ingenuity takes the edge off such production costs and makes technology accessible to the common man, this has revolutionized education in the past, it is continuing even today. Hats off the Johny Cheung Lee for hacking the wiimote and bringing out the amazing software to convert your over head white board LCD projector into a white board smart board with just around C$100 and a couple of minutes to install your software. All you need is a wii remote (infrared camera) around C$ 44 + tax, a blue tooth enabled computer, an infrared pen, price ranging from C$ 9 to 29 depending on how much you want to spend, or you can even make your own infrared sensor if you have an infrared source, a soldering rod, 2 AA batteries and a switch. There are many you tube videos to help you assemble one. This is an easy hack once you have the software installed, and the beauty is it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. However there are some limitations when compared to the legacy products.

Smart Board How to you tube



A page on chemical bonding has been added to the site. I gives a fundamental idea of the concepts of bond formation, explained using the concept of stability, with respect to electronic configuration, octet, lowered potential energy and the ways it can be attained. The ideas of ionization energy, electron affinity, electro negativity, intra molecular forces, intermolecular forces and consequences on the properties of matter are dealt with. The topics are also relevant to CBSE