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This web site caters to high school chemistry at all levels, You will also find this page useful for AP, IB, CBSE or SAT Preparation. Links are organized based on grade level and topic level. Scroll through the links on the pages placed on the side bars. A number of videos on the different topics explaining the critical problems in the different topics can be found on this page. Links to my You Tube channel on chemistry can be found on the different pages.

Courses this site caters to

Students starting SCH4U Chemistry this semester please review the following videos on basics of your chemistry

Basics of Chemistry

Check out my Chemistry YouTube Channel

This page is a reflection of some of the work that I do, materials are available for download and personal use by students and teachers. The content is organized based on topics with reference to the different grade levels.

Check out these Quizzes “New” – Work in progress Some of the quizzes have been deleted some are still working 🙂 When time permits may be more will come.