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i-Clicker Power Point remote
I had a hardware based remote, since the device was left on my laptop all the time it kind of got physically damaged, the whole contraption cost around 40 $. Now that it is dead I have no plans of buying another one at the same price that is when I started looking for an app based remote for my iPhone. Tried the free version of i-Clicker and was able to set it up, took a bit of time but eventually it worked. The free version is good for Power Point files with 15 slides, then it stops working, should restart if you want to continue working.
The paid app costs $9.99, I am not sure if it is worth this price, should have had a price of $ 3 or less as it has some inherent infrastructure problems. At home it works well as you are connected to your home network, but when you are making a presentation while on the move it is kind of difficult to get access to the local network; this can also slow the loading of your slides.
However if you plan to use this as a app on the go on Windows or Mac here is a workaround.(This will eventually cost you the same as a hardware based device) I had an old router lying around at home, which I was not using, so I decided to carry this along to my workplace or anywhere I wanted to use the presentation.

1. Set up a wireless network and connect both your iPhone and your laptop you plan to use to this network. This network need not be connected to the Internet.

2. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer as i-Clicker needs the Bonjour service which is used by iTunes

3. Download and install i-Clicker PC control on your computer, this is also available for your Mac.

4. Download and install the i-Clicker app on your iPhone, Android, W7 or windows mobile – it works on all of these phones

Now you are all set to fire up your remote and test your Power Point remote

5. Start your i-Clicker Control on your laptop PC or Mac, you will see the different options available for iPhone select Apple iOS. Here you will see three options
a) Standard wireless
b) Direct Wireless
c) Bonjour
If you have Bonjour installed and shows a green check mark that is the easiest to work, if you plan to use the Standard Wireless it will be a good idea to assign a static IP to your wireless network, as you will need it to configure your app on your iPhone

6. Start your i-Clicker, if it is the lite version it you tell you about the number of pages you can use, click continue, you will get two options
a) Direct connection using Bonjour – Your PC name with .local will indicate it – Select it if you plan to use Bonjour, your iPhone will be connected and then it will give you the option to select new presentation

b) If you go with manual connection, you will have to enter the IP address of your computer and click the blue arrow to continue and it will connect to your computer.
















7. You may have either used choice 6 a) or b) does not matter it will both give you the option to select new presentation
















8. As soon as you have selected new presentation, a browse folder will open up on your PC or Mac, now select the presentation you plan to use.
Now you will see this pop up on your laptop “i-Clicker is preparing your presentation please wait” one this is done your remote goes on to a screen on your iPhone which gives you options for setting up the timer, skip and it will take you to the remote page where you have the left and right red arrows.
















9. You are all ready to use your remote, there are a number of menu options which you can play around with once you are set up.


Mirror your iPad

How to mirror your ipad on to your TV or overhead projector.
My earlier post showed you how to mirror your iPad or iPhone 4S on a TV or Projector using a VGA cable or composite cable. Another neat way to do this is by using Apple TV. Once you have your apple TV set up you can double click the home button on your iPad, now you will see your app switcher, if you scroll over to your play button you will see your air play icon. Select it and it will give your two options one is iPad and the other is Air play. Select air play and you should now see  your iPad mirrored on your TV or projector. You need to be running iOS 5 or higher.

What do you need for this to work?

  • Apple TV $99/-
  • Wireless router – your home network

The inputs on your apple tv are RJ45 for ethernet, HDMI, optical audio, USB and power. So you need a HDMI out from your iPad to connect to your apple TV.

Useful links

Garage band m4a to mp3 on an iPad

How to convert garage band audio to MP3 on an iPad

  • Once you create your garage band music on an iPad, export it as iTunes by selecting share.
  • After it is exported it should be synced with your iTunes library.
  • Now go to apps in iTunes when the iPad is connected to your computer and select garage bands, you should see your music that you created in garage band in the apps in iTunes.
  • Next you select the music piece that you created and click save as, the program will ask for a folder to save your piece. At this time your audio file is in m4a format. Select a folder of your choice.
  • Now you have to add this file to your iTunes again for syncing, if you have already set up your iTunes for syncing all your music and audio this is not necessary as it will sync all your files automatically the next time you select sync.If not add this file from the menu and sync.
  • After syncing you should see your audio file that you created and exported in your music files, where you can play the audio.
  • Select the file which is in m4a format and right click it, this will give you the option to save the file as MP3, select and it will create a copy of the file as MP3; you are done, you can delete the m4a file if you don’t need it.
  • This is helpful especially if you create an audio with garage band and want to use it as music in your iMovies. iMovies will not let you loop the m4a format. This is the work around.
  • Alternatively after exporting the file to iTunes and saving in a folder use audacity and convert it into mp3


Syncing docs with itunes

How to sync pdf files with itunes and print them using air print

Lets say you have “Air Print” enabled iphones or ipads, now you want to print a document which you made in your computer using word, how do you sync it with your iPhone or iPad to take it with you or print as and when you need it.

What I have noticed is that when printing from your iPhone or iPad best results are obtained when pdf files are used. When using a word document to print there may be issues with document formats and fonts changing. So save your document as a pdf file.

Now all you have to do is start itunes, go to add file to library, the dialogue box lets you browse folders to select the document; select the pdf file you want to sync with your iphone or ipad. once that is done sync your iphone or ipad with your computer, if you are using iOS version 5.0.1 you can sync your documents over the air wirelessly .

Once the files are synced your pdf files will appear in your iBooks. Select the document you have synced and you can now print the document with your air print feature.

Alternatively you can email the document the .doc or .pdf file to your self save the document in iBooks and print.