Install Gnome in Ubuntu 13.04

I used to love the gnome desktop environment in Ubuntu for its simplicity and ease of use. Then came the upgrades for Ubuntu with the unity desktop environment, which made things so difficult, even to perform simple tasks. This even made installing the OS in base machines difficult. Right now Gnome has been revamped and you can actually install the desktop environment, using command prompt in 13.04. Here is a video on how it is done.

Alternatively you can install the “Full Gnome Desktop” environment by going to the Ubuntu software center. Search for “full gnome desktop” usually the first item is this package, select it and install it, the package is about 290 MB so it will take some time.

Once you restart your computer, when you look at the login screen you will see the Ubuntu icon, click on it, it will give you a number of options, select gnome fall back (no effects) and you will be logged into the gnome desktop environment.

I like the simple clean desktop of Gnome.

Command used is

“sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback”