Eureka Conference

February 18 2011 was a hectic day, parking was the first hassle, but some how I managed to get a spot.
8:45 to 10:15 Was a fast paced presentation which was introduced by the program coordinator for science and technology K – 12 TDSB. This was followed by a very interesting talk by Douglas Llewellyn director of science, Rochester city school district into the role of questioning and argumentation in scientific inquiry. This was an exceptional presentation which was insightful and did invoke thoughts and recollection of my teacher education days. I did enjoy it. However the time limit provided for the presentation was a little too tight, would have loved to hear more on it.
Of the four sessions that followed one of them did stand out, it was the one which used video analysis with logger pro. Amazing work. The presenter did demonstrate how a regular camera capable of capturing a 30 fps video could be used to graph the motion of a golf ball. The graphs generated were stunning. The important aspect was the time taken for the whole activity was amazingly short, not to mention the quality of the result.
The remaining sessions were not too impressive. Even though the conference was named eureka conference, I did not have a eureka moment for any of these sessions as they were trying to market some new text books. Probably if I had registered a couple of days earlier probably would have been able to get into some of the better sessions. May be next time. I should mention though apart from the parking, the conference was well organised and I did like the veggie sandwich from “Pickle Barrel”