Topics for Test

Thermodynamics test topics

  1. Basic definitions
  2. Definition of First, Second and Third Law of thermodynamics
  3. Calorimetery Problems based on the equation q = mct
  4. Hess’s Law definition and problems on heat of formation, heat of reaction / combustion, bond energy
  5. Enthalpy of Neutralization problems / Calculations based on your Lab
  6. Bond Energy Problems
  7. Born Haber Cycle concept and problems

Your Test Consists of the following types of questions

  • Multiple¬†Choice¬†Questions
  • Short Answers
  • Problems

Electrochemistry test

Electrochemistry test is scheduled for 5th June Tuesday. If any student has any inconvenience please do let me know ASAP.

The test date for electrochemistry will be determined after you guys come back from New York. Enjoy the trip