Educational Colloboration

The growing need to stay connected and to collaborate has made personal networking inevitable. Web 2.0 has dramatically influenced and empowered the teaching community. Some of the amazing tools that one can use to collaborate and enhance the teaching learning process are listed on PLN.For me personally the most powerful tools among them would be the wiki, I have used wikispaces as an educational tool with tremendous success. The ease with which one can edit the document can make a novice comfortable, confident, creative and collaborative. Blog’s like wordpress have been successful in expressing personal viewpoint, not to mention its power to develop creative thinking and writing skill among the young. Edmodo is turning into a social networking tool for the teaching community with a decent amount of control over the content and communication. Being able to create class groups make it quite viable for communicating with the selected group, smart phones makes this information available in real time making the tool really powerful in the hands of an educator.