Balancing of Equations

Balancing of Equations

There are two types of balancing of equations

  1. Trial and Error Method for Balancing – Used in classes until you learn electrochemistry
  2. Balancing using Redox reactions – Used after you learn electrochemistry or redox reactions

Trial and error method – With Videos Click on this link

  • When learning balancing of equations using trial and error method first you should learn to count atoms
  • Then you should attempt balancing the following videos and placed in sequence, should watch one after the other

Balancing of Redox reactions – With Video Click on this link

  • First you should learn how to determine oxidation numbers
  • Then you should learn to ionize ionic compounds
  • Now you should try “Ion – electron method” or “Half reaction Method”
  • Followed by Oxidation Number Method.

Videos on Balancing of Equations

Balancing of Equations