First communications assignment

Nuclear energy info brochure – SCH4U
Design and make a folded brochure for the public using an 81/2 X11 paper
It must contain the following info:
What is nuclear energy
What are nuclear reactions
Positive and negative societal effects
Health and safety
Environmental impact
Uses of nuclear reactions both for energy and medical
Evaluation will be based on
Visual presentation – Color and layout
Accuracy – technical and chemical info
Quality and extend of info
Due date:___________________________________
Category: Making connections
Group work: 2 to 3 students per group

Communication assignment 2

Communication – Video
Category: Communication
Assessment Strategy: Video Presentation
Topic: The science of CSI
Prepare a 10 to 15 minute video presentation on the chemistry, biology and physics to a standard CSI investigation.
Informational and instructional video as well as a little “Hollywood”
Act out the crime ie. Robbery, murder, kidnapping etc.
CSI MGCI team goes to the scene of the crime and collects evidence. At least 8 different items of evidence will be collected.
Return to a lab mockup with lab equipment you have constructed to look like the real stuff (Some comic relief is allowed here) However violation in safety is not allowed.
Tests are performed on each piece of evidence and explained how, why and what the results. ( Scientific accuracy is expected here)
Bio, Chem and physics are involved
The CSI MGCI team will summarize their findings linked to the crime scene investigations and lab reports and and make a positive ID based on these and find line up of possible suspects.
The video can be submitted in the following formats mp4, MPEG, avi, DVD or VHS
Quality of video presentation – clarity, voices, lines memorized, organization. Set props, creativity, script (75%)
Scientific content accuracy, detail, variety, testing, background (25%)
Assignment due date ____________________________
Marks out of 100. __________
Names of team members
7 or 8 members in each group