Edutech 2.0

Innovations in technology has given us millions of choices, and when it comes to selection of software for ones needs it becomes such a cumbersome task, and this is growing exponentially with the advent apps for iPads, and tablets in general. The white board software from was a very impressive tool for education, but when one looks at the cost of smart board and the restrictions the company puts on the software which you install on your computer it kind of puts me off, not to mention the fact it uses so much of your system resources; I stopped developing lessons for the smart board. In hind sight it was not a wrong decision as newer technologies have evolved and now the smart board kind of makes itself redundant. If you combine tablet PC’s and web based software from you can in effect get the same outcome. There is no need to install any program, if you just want to use it as a white board you don’t even need to sign up, I like that aspect very much. And yet you can download the pages you create as png file. It runs on flash so there is no luck with it working on the iPad. I see this and an easy and affordable alternative to the smart board and a tool to develop excellent lessons with the png image outputs that can be generated, this can be easily imported into any presentation programs. This is an excellent software one can use effectively to augment the teaching learning process. This program can also be used for on-line teaching. Think about the possibilities if you combine it with Skype.