1. Sir can you please post the answers for the activation energy and reaction mechanisms worksheet

  2. So V2 is always gonna be 20 mL and V1 is gonna be amount of solution A used? C1 [IO3] (which is gonna be plotted on x-axis of first graph) and C2 is always gonna be 0.01 M ?
    We can’t do the graphs on excel?

  3. I have a question about the pre lab for question 2 do we sub 8 or 10 for v1 and do we sub 20 or 10 for v2. I suspect that it’s 10 v1 and 20 v2 but I would like your opinion

      1. So, is C2 equal to KIO3 Concentration found in q1 of the prelab and are we finding C1? Also, are we finding C1 (of iodate ion) to complete the graphs that have concentration as one of it’s axis, in the discussion questions of the lab?

  4. Do we need to finish the lab questions? If so, when do we hand that and the prelab questions in?

      1. Can we do the graphing on the computer rather than on graphing paper for the lab questions?