Garage band m4a to mp3 on an iPad

How to convert garage band audio to MP3 on an iPad

  • Once you create your garage band music on an iPad, export it as iTunes by selecting share.
  • After it is exported it should be synced with your iTunes library.
  • Now go to apps in iTunes when the iPad is connected to your computer and select garage bands, you should see your music that you created in garage band in the apps in iTunes.
  • Next you select the music piece that you created and click save as, the program will ask for a folder to save your piece. At this time your audio file is in m4a format. Select a folder of your choice.
  • Now you have to add this file to your iTunes again for syncing, if you have already set up your iTunes for syncing all your music and audio this is not necessary as it will sync all your files automatically the next time you select sync.If not add this file from the menu and sync.
  • After syncing you should see your audio file that you created and exported in your music files, where you can play the audio.
  • Select the file which is in m4a format and right click it, this will give you the option to save the file as MP3, select and it will create a copy of the file as MP3; you are done, you can delete the m4a file if you don’t need it.
  • This is helpful especially if you create an audio with garage band and want to use it as music in your iMovies. iMovies will not let you loop the m4a format. This is the work around.
  • Alternatively after exporting the file to iTunes and saving in a folder use audacity and convert it into mp3