iCloud and Document syncing

This is a brief write up on “How to use iCloud to store documents like Pages, Keynote and Numbers and download them onto your  PC”

  • Install iCloud application for PC by downloading it from the following site Download here
  • Install control panel by double clicking on the exe file that you just downloaded, login in using your apple id, or apple account to see all your documents.

After you have logged in you will technically be able to see all your photos, mails, outlook contacts etc. if you have already enabled sharing them while you set up your iCloud on your iPad or iPhone. But you will not be able to see your iWorks documents, you may be able to see them after you click manage however not downloadable at this time.

I am more interested in downloading documents made on my iPad like Pages, Key note and Numbers. What I noticed is that I am unable to access any of my documents that are on iWorks from the control panel.
So this is what you do.

Go to iWorks using this link

  • This link will open up a secure page to log you into your iCloud account on the browser
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Now you will be able to see all your documents Keynote, Pages and Numbers
  • Now if you select a document it will give you the option of downloading it as word, pdf or pages format. Appropriate formats are given for Keynote and Numbers.


However I find using dropbox much more convenient, after all this work around. I can access my documents directly in the dropbox program without using a browser. That is way better and convenient.

Only advantage for me now is that I can acces my Pages, Keynote and Numbers documents which I created on my iPad using iCloud on my PC and print them easily

Note:If you need to sync all your music, photos etc go to iTunes preferences, select sharing and check mark “share my library on my local network”, this should complete the process of sharing all other data