Installing Ubuntu 13.10 on a USB Using Windows 8.1

Installing Ubuntu 13.10 on a USB Using Windows 8.1 and Universal Installer.

Ubuntu is my first choice of OS for surfing the web and performing secure transactions. However, Windows 8 and 8.1 have made this prospect quite difficult. Dual booting Windows 8 with Ubuntu is not as easy as it appears. The secure boot of Windows 8 makes it more difficult to perform dual booting. This is where I find using a USB flash drive, with Ubuntu installed on it with persistence a convenient option.

With  Ubuntu 13.10 installed as a persistent OS on the USB flash drive, you can save your settings when you log out of the system. This is a very convenient way to have all your bookmarks and files available when you boot back into the system. And the more important aspect is that you can take this USB and OS any where you go and use it on any machine. For these reasons, I have created my USB versions of the OS.

The steps required for creating a persistent USB is shown in the video below. What you would need for creating an USB flash drive are.

  • Preferably an 8 GB USB flash drive
  • Ubuntu 13.10 ISO file. You can download this from
  • If you are installing the OS on a Windows 8.1 Machine, you will need the universal installer from

Once you have downloaded the required software and USB you can start your installation.

Installing Ubuntu 13.10 on a USB Flash drive, on Windows 8.1 Machine.
The process of installing Ubuntu 13.10 on a USB flash drive, is quite simple and rewarding.
Universal Installer is obtained from
Vinstan,, USB
 Installing Ubuntu 13.10 on USB Flash drive using a Windows 8.1
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How to install Ubuntu 13.10 on a USB, Windows 8.1, USB, Persistent Installation
How to install Ubuntu 13.10 on a USB