International admissions LOR

Letter of Recommendation:
One of the critical aspects of admissions to international universities is a good letter of recommendation. Students coming from high schools from outside of north America do have difficulties securing admissions due to lack of information regarding the expectations of north American universities. One of the important aspects is to to have an excellent letter of recommendation, merely providing a LOR as another criteria to fulfill admission requirements does not improve your chances of getting admissions. It is quite often noted that the students do have the right prerequisites however it has not been showcased appropriately. Even though this is an underlying fact it has not been recognized by many international student applicants and teachers.

  • First get an an excellent letter of recommendation for an teacher who understands your strengths, for this to happen maintain a good rapport with the teacher you intend to get a LOR.
  • Second tell him of the expectation of the university and the program you are applying to and what aspects of your strengths should be highlighted.
  • Third collect samples of letters of recommendations that may have been successful in the past and show it to your teacher so as to give him an understanding of the written language norms expected in the letter.
  • Fourth all letters of recommendation should be on an official school letter head with appropriate contact information in case the university has to cross check the reference.
  • Fifth give your teacher ample time to write a letter of recommendation – rushing him/her to do so will not be in your favor.