iPhone in Education

iPhones are amazing in so many different ways. End of semester is a time one scrambles to get your technology gadgets for class room presentations. My laptop was down and departmental laptops were all signed out and needed one for an important lesson which had a video and a power point as two instruments for the lesson that was planned.

Then I realized I could use the iphone for showing my video all I needed was an mp4 format. However presentation was a problem, even with documents to go there was no way I could send it over to the over head LCD projector. But I know for a fact that photos and videos can be presented with an iphone that is not jailbroken. I also realize that Power Point has a feature in which you can export all your slides as jpg files, so the next step was to export my Power Point as jpg, but to get the photos play as a slide show on iphone in sequence I had to rename the slides form 1, 2 ,3 etc to 01, 02 and 03 this should be done up to 09, this is if you have less than 99 slides if it is more than 100 and less than 999 then you may want to rename them to 001, 002 etc. Next I had to sync my power point slides as jpg with the iPhone. Now I am all set for the presentation slide show.

Depending on the iphone model you may want to get the right cables, the right cables for my LCD over head projector was a component cable, which apple has; it costs about 45 C$ it works with iphone 3GS and 4. You may alternatively use the composite AV cable to play the videos on a TV or LCD projector. Before you start the slide show make show you go to settings and change the timing for the slide show to the max value or around 20 seconds. This gives you ample time to discuss the slide and you can manually advance the slides.

Everything worked fine and my iphone saved my day.