Mark book 2011 for iPad

Asylum software has come out with an iPad app for its Mark book 2011 software. This app is a free download from the app store until September 30 2011. I did download and install the app. These are some observations I have made and hope it had some useful features.

  • The download and installation was not a problem.
  • The app appears to crash or rather close by itself while trying to navigate.
  • The home screen has the following links – Home, students, Mark set, Entries, Settings, Seating plan, and Web support
  • If you are going to use the iPad only app to record your marks, then it is useful as a device for quick access to your marks.
  • The program allows you to set up a seating plan though not the easiest way to do it, it can be done.
  • The mark set can be set up with categories and appropriate weightings
  • The combined mark report, gives you a quick glance of your students marks summary, marks distribution, modal analysis and seating plan.
  • The settings allows you to manipulate mark ranges, mode ranges, seating plan and student import action.

What the app does not have this is a first impression.

    • Comments, there is no options for comments.
    • There is no way you can export your student mark into any program especially if you are using a program like trillium to transfer your results to the school information system.
    • While importing student list from Mark book installed on your pc it just imports the basic student information, it does not import marks, comments, categories etc. So this is kind of useless.
    • If you are interested in keeping records in two places this app can then be used, so practical utility is not that great, so I doubt a paid mark book app would be worth it.
    • Fixing some of these issues would make this app productive otherwise it is just a fancy piece of app. But it is a good first attempt.








  1. i cant find proper the heat capacity of NaOH for sold and liquid. can you please enlighten me so that i can finish the rest of my lab…

    1. Another assumption made here is the heat capacity of NaOH aqueous solution = the heat capacity of water. 4.18 J/g.oC for calculation purposes.

  2. Should a information in the brochure be placed in the order that you have listed. So, first “what is nuclear energy”, then “what is nuclear reactions” on the first page and so on and so forth. Or can we change the order.

    1. The information given is only a guideline, you do not have to follow the sequence.

  3. Also, should we number the references if one is doing the references in MLA or any other format.

  4. On the brochure, do we put the name of the person under the part that he/she has completed.

  5. For question #10, are we supposed to define those key words because it does not specify that.