My Favourite apps for iPad 2

App # 1 Dropbox

Recently purchased an iPad and was looking for some good productivity apps. So far one the the coolest apps that I have been using for the last 3 weeks was the drop box.

Once you have downloaded and installed dropbox on your computer you can add the folders that you want available while you are on the move or in your office.

Drop box as you should be aware is available for installation on  you computer running windows, mac or linux. It is available as an app for the iPhone or iPad.

Once you have installed drop box on your computer and iPad you have your documents where ever you have your device, ofcourse you should be connected to the net.

Couple of neat aspects of dropbox on your iPad is you can secure access to your dropbox documents on your iPad using a password – so your documents are private.

Secondly you can set your drop box to wipe the dropbox data after 10 wrong attempts.

All your documents and photos are now available to you all the time even if you are offline by selecting it as a favourite.

You can select the amount of space your iPad can use for saving offline documents.

You can download files and save it to your drop box while surfing the web on your iPad.Now the interesting aspect is you always have your updated files on all your systems and dont have to carry your USB keys with “viruses”.

However I would have liked if iOS allowed the iPad to save documents created by pages, keynote, iMovies or garage band directly to dropbox, the options you have now are iWorks, iDrive, WebDav and iTunes.

For now my final rating for the app is 4 stars out of 5 for drop box. I would have given it a five if I could directly save documents to dropbox.

You can create you dropbox account in here