Oxidizing Agents Reducing Agents Quiz

1. Arrange the following elements in the decreasing tendency for oxidation
Cl2, Br2, Li, O2
Standard reduction potentials may be used


2. Which among the following statements is true about oxidizing agents
Pick the best choices for this question.


3. An oxidizing agent gets reduced after the chemical reaction


4. Arrange the following metals in the increasing tendency for reduction ( Lowest to Highest)
Al, Mg, Cu, Zn
Use standard reduction potential values to determine you choices


5. MgCO3(s) → MgO(s) + CO2(g)
For the above reaction which of the following statements are false


6. Metals are good reducing agents because they have a tendency to loose electrons


7. Which of the following is false statement about reducing agents
Pick all possible choices


8. 2Na(s) + Cl2(g) → 2NaCl(s)
In the above reaction the oxidizing agent is


9. Which among the following elements is a good reducing agent


10. MnO4 + 5Fe2+ + 8H+ → Mn2+ + 5Fe3+ + H2O
In the above reaction the reducing agent is


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