Script to copy one type of files from a folder to a destination folder.

If you just want to copy all .jpg files from folder to a destination folder, you can use this bat file.

1. Robocopy  Batch File Creation

Copy the following lines paste it into note pad and save as script.bat or any name you choose.

@echo off

set dst=I:\destination folder
set src=C:\Users\surf\Pictures\Chem Images\Downloads

robocopy “%src%” “%dst%” .

Change the . to *.jpg for copying only .jpg files only, an be used for any specific type of files

dst is the destination folder

src  is the source folder

2.Visual basic script

Visual Basic script to copy folders from one destination to another. Copies folders and subfolders.

Copy the following lines and paste into note pad and save file as name.vbs

Option Explicit
Dim fso
Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
fso.CopyFolder”C:\Users\surf\Dropbox”, “I:\Dropbox2014VBSCopied”

Make sure to change your source and destination folder path as you need

The source in this case is    C:\Users\surf\Dropbox

Destination folder is     I:\Dropbox2014VBSCopied

Double click on the script that you just created to activate your script.