Solubility Product Lab

Focus is on Initiating and Planning

Write a lab report for determining solubility product for Ca(OH)2 based on the questions suggested.

  • What are the theoretical considerations for explaining solubility of sparingly soluble salts and predicting the precipitations of these salts.
  • How would you determine the solubility product of Ca(OH)2
  • The suggested method was titration, alternate methods are welcome
  • Include every step in detail, meaning a proper practical procedure.
  • The analysis part needs to be done only when the lab is performed in class.
  • However speculation on possible sources would be good.
  • A written submission is required on Monday.


  1. For the solubility product lab, do we just need to do the analysis questions listed in the sheet or do we need to do like a simple lab report, because in the last two lines you said:
    “The report should only include title page, purpose of lab, theory on which lab is based (chemical equation), table, calculation and conclusion & sources of error.”