Answers Page 125-126

Q1. Ksp = 1E-24 M^2
Q2. Ksp = 8.79E-18 M
Q3.a. 3.52E-4M = Solubility
Q3.b.If the Ksp values are close and the ionic ratios are different you must calculate the solubility to determine which is the most soluble.
Q5. x=1.0E-5 mol
Q6.a. 1.2E-3M
Q6.b. Solubility = 7.1E-7M – assumption 7.1E-7<< Q7. 1.43g (Limiting reagent question)



  1. For question number 10 0n the solubility product problems I am getting an answer of 2*10^-8 as the Q value and though the right answer is 5*10^-7. What art the intermediate steps?

  2. Sir, for question # 4 on page 126, I am getting ksp value of 3.481 X 10 ^-5
    and this was the expression i used to calculate ksp : ksp = (0.0059) (0.0059)
    Can you tell me what is the mistake i did?

  3. Sir for question number 2 on page 125 I am getting 4.39×10^-18

    the equation I used was 2(1.3×10^-6)^2 x (1.3×10^-6)

    Why is my answer wrong?

  4. For question 7 where we had to find the mass that will precipitate, I’m getting the same answer w/o using Ksp or calculating the solubility.