Summer School

It is that time of the year again. Well if you did goof off during the year and lost a credit then I’m sure your reading this blog. I typically don’t think summer school is the right place to earn a credit, if you plan on pursuing your education in the field that you did goof off, then it is a big mistake. The program is so compressed and if you are not one of the smart Alec’s then you are in for a surprise. You may earn a credit but it may not really help you in your university. You will end up learning it anyway. So this would be a more practical approach to earn the credit in a regular school year.
However if you still need the credit to graduate there are a number of links on this site if you are pursuing chemistry this summer. The course codes should help go the the right page.
SCH3U = Grade 11 Chemistry
SCH4U = Grade 12 Chemistry