Syncing docs with itunes

How to sync pdf files with itunes and print them using air print

Lets say you have “Air Print” enabled iphones or ipads, now you want to print a document which you made in your computer using word, how do you sync it with your iPhone or iPad to take it with you or print as and when you need it.

What I have noticed is that when printing from your iPhone or iPad best results are obtained when pdf files are used. When using a word document to print there may be issues with document formats and fonts changing. So save your document as a pdf file.

Now all you have to do is start itunes, go to add file to library, the dialogue box lets you browse folders to select the document; select the pdf file you want to sync with your iphone or ipad. once that is done sync your iphone or ipad with your computer, if you are using iOS version 5.0.1 you can sync your documents over the air wirelessly .

Once the files are synced your pdf files will appear in your iBooks. Select the document you have synced and you can now print the document with your air print feature.

Alternatively you can email the document the .doc or .pdf file to your self save the document in iBooks and print.