iPad and hotmail with Microsoft Exchange click on the link below

How to set up your hotmail account on iPad and Microsoft Exchange



Outlook How to set up outlook 6 with sympatico

Type your name here

Type your name hereType your email address to which you want your mail send

Here you type your server address for pop and smtp as shown

Your user name is your primary email account with sympatico.

Type your complete email address”example@sympatico.ca”

Check if you need secure password authentication if you are unable to get your pop account emails you can change this option by going to properties in your account(see at end of page for info)

Now you have set up your email account – but not done yet.

Now that you have to modify your account. Change your port for accessing your email to 995 SSL.
Go to tools accounts and then mail as seen below



Click on properties select This server requires a secure connection SSL the port will change to 995.


Check to see if Secure password authentication is needed. If not change it under properties. Now you are all set to use your outlook 6





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