Total and Net Ionic Equations – Solubility Rules

Total and Net ionic equations

We can write total and net ionic equation using the solubility rules.

Short Solubility Rules

  1. All salts of Group IA (Group 1 alkali metals), and ammonium are soluble.
  1. All salts of nitrates, chlorates and acetates are soluble.
  2. All salts of halides are soluble except those of silver(I), copper(I), lead(II), and mercury(I).
  1. All salts of sulfate are soluble except for barium sulfate, lead (II) sulfate, and strontium sulfate.
  1. All salts of carbonate, phosphate and sulfite are insoluble, except for those of group IA (Group 1 alkali metals) and ammonium.
  1. All oxides and hydroxides are insoluble except for those of group IA (Group 1, alkali metals), calcium, strontium and barium.
  1. All salts of sulfides and insoluble except for those of Group IA (Group 1 alkali metals) and IIA (Group 2 alkaline earth metals) elements and of ammonium.

Sample practice equations

  1. AgNO3 (aq)   +   KCl (aq)   =>  AgCl (s)   +   KNO3 (aq)
  2. Mg(NO3)2 (aq)   +   Na2CO3 (aq)  =>  MgCO3 (s)   +     NaNO3 (aq)
  3. 3.strontium bromide (aq) + potassium sulfate (aq)  =>  strontium sulfate (s) + potassium bromide (aq)
  4. manganese(II) chloride (aq)   +   ammonium carbonate (aq) =>   manganese(II) carbonate (s) + ammonium chloride (aq)
  5. chromium(III) nitrate (aq)   +   iron(II) sulfate (aq) =>  chromium(III) sulfate (aq)   +   iron(II) nitrate (aq)